Template Customisation

Web templates can be a cost-effective solution if you need a new website but you are on a tight budget. Templates help cut down designing costs and – as long as uniqueness is not your main concern – they offer a quick and easy solution that we are happy to work with.

We can customise any web template, whether HTML/CSS based or specifically designed for a Content Management System.

All the open-source Content Management Systems we use come with a choice of pre-installed templates to choose from. Even more can be found by performing your own search for Joomla Templates, Drupal Themes and so on. There is also a wealth of premium templates available from anything between £9.99 and £1000 or more. Check out Dream Template for a collection of quality templates.

If you find a web template you like, just provide us with a link to the download page and we’ll do the rest: by customising the logo, menus and content any template can be made to look unique and perform well for your website.