Glasgow Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Marketing (SEM), or Internet Marketing, is becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective way to generate leads and increase sales. It offers excellent Return On Investment compared to traditional marketing techniques.

SEM is a combination of two elements: on-site Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

On-site Search Engine Optimization

SEO aims to improve the positioning of your web pages in search engine results by combining on-site and off-site optimisation. On-site optimisation makes clever use of keywords and regularly updated, relevant content in order to improve a website’s ranking in major search engines. Off-site optimisation refers to obtaining links from other sites (link building) by means of link exchanges, directory submissions and paid text link or banner placement.

We are currently only able to offer on-site optimisation services, but we are happy to work together with your chosen link-building company in order to deliver the best results for your website.

We can also integrate Blogs and Newsfeeds into a website as part of an SEO campaign. If properly conducted, SEO campaigns give brilliant results, but it can still take time to achieve the top spots for any particular search. A faster way to ensure your website is visible in Google is to combine SEO with PPC.

Pay Per Click

PPC or Paid Search works by allowing you to select a series of keywords that your target customers are likely to type into a search engine and letting you bid on those keywords. Depending on the budget you allocate for each set of keywords, your website’s address and a description of your services will appear in a dedicated area of the Search Engine page. In Google for example there are “Sponsored Links” along the right-hand side of the page, as well as premium spots (highlighted in yellow) at the top of the page reserved for websites that meet certain quality criteria.

We offer a full SEM service which includes SEO for you web pages and setting up a Google AdWords campaign: you will have full control of the budget, we will help you choose which keywords to bid for and – once your campaign is launched – you will be able to top up your AdWords credit or pause the campaign whenever you like.

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