Who Is WebRightNow?

Glauco Di LietoWebRightNow is the trading name of freelance web designer Glauco Di Lieto: that’s me!

I am Italian by birth and I come from an artistic background (professional dance) which I believe has given my an eye for detail and a focus on presentation, skills which transfer very well to web design.

When I started WebRightNow in 2010, I had already been designing websites part-time for many years. As I put together my business plan, I asked myself what my USP would be. What would distinguish me from the hundreds of web design companies operating in Glasgow, the rest of Scotland and the UK, not to mention the countless freelance designers, cheap design packages and free site-building software readily available to prospective clients? Why would anyone choose me over them?

I realised that the key was to offer something more than just websites. I needed to offer what larger firms couldn’t – or wouldn’t – offer: a personal approach, a genuine interest in the client and – first and foremost – my own passion for web design. I decided what I really wanted was to build a relationship with each of my clients and support them every step of the way. Above all, I wanted to make it easy and affordable for people and businesses to get on the web.

I created my first website in 1997. Back then there were very few tools available to web designers and few ways to go about building a website. Now the opposite is true: there are so many web technologies and standards, so many Content Management Systems and eCommerce platforms to choose from, such a wide range of email and search engine marketing tools, that building and maintaining a solid online presence can seem like a daunting task.

I can help! My aim is to make it possible for individuals, communities and businesses of all sizes not just to get on the web (that’s the easy part) but to build a strong, recognisable online presence that delivers right now and keeps growing over time.

These days organisations simply can’t survive without a website. What’s more, Internet users are becoming increasingly accustomed to good quality websites and are easily put off by bad ones. Up until a few years ago, it may have been ok for businesses on tight budgets to use one of the many free, template based website builders available and put together a second-rate website with the occasional broken link, missing graphic or misaligned table – it would have seemed acceptable. This is no longer the case. An unprofessional looking website turns customers away.

It is estimated that the average web user’s attention span is about 15 seconds or three clicks. In other words, if they can’t find what they are looking for on a website within 15 seconds or within three clicks from the homepage, they give up, hit the back button and start searching again. It is essential to guide visitors quickly and easily to the content or product that they want.

I build websites that work. I personally help and advise my clients on every aspect of their website, from choosing and registering the right domain name to selecting the appropriate technology to support their website; from projecting a unique image through the design of the logo, layout and navigation, to deciding about content and marketing strategy.

By hiring me, you can benefit from first-rate web services at affordable prices. All my design and packages are designed to deliver outstanding value for money. Unlike the employees of most web design companies you will come across, my approach is friendly and down to earth, I make a point of listening to my clients and taking their suggestions onboard.

The positive feedback I get from my clients is the best testament to the success of this philosophy.

Phone me today for an informal chat: I am happy to offer free advice on everything web-related, there’s no obligation whatsoever and I never do pushy sales – it’s just not in my nature.

WebRightNow: bespoke, affordable websites. Simple as that.

Glauco Di Lieto
Owner & designer at WebRightNow