Glasgow SEONo website, however impressive and attractive, is really serving its purpose unless it can be easily found through a search engine.

If your website is not getting enough hits, the most likely cause is poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic formula that guarantees top positions in Google’s search rankings. But there are certainly ways to improve your website’s chances, beginning with the way the source code is written and structured.

By far the most important element is content, which must be optimised in terms of keyword placement and relevance, and which must be kept fresh and up to date.

We can help with all these aspects. We look at the source code and modify it if needed; we tweak the content so that the meaning is retained but the keyword rate is improved; and though in most cases we can’t write the content for your website, we can suggest strategies to help you keep your content fresh.

We can also install tracking software to help you keep an eye on the amount of visitors to each page of your website: this is really the best indication of how well the site is performing.

Search engine optimisation comes as a standard feature with our Professional and Ultimate web design packages, but we can also apply the same techniques to any existing website. The cost of the standalone SEO service is just £30 per page, so there is really no reason to let your website remain invisible when a few simple changes can turn it into a search engine success. If you need to get your website onto Google even quicker, we also offer a Search Engine Marketing service which combines SEO with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Get in touch right now with your requirements and we will provide a no obligation quote for the work.