New look website

So, here it is: our brand new website.

What’s different? Quite a lot actually. If you remember the old look website, the first thing that will strike you is the much more minimalistic approach. Gone are the retro graphics and Flash animation.

WebRightNow is about “fresh” and contemporary web design, so we wanted to reflect that in the new look.

Also, we now offer a whole range of new services, like SEM, CRM and web hosting. There are some great web design packages that we believe offer amazing value for money: these can be purchased online via Paypal.

From a technical point of view, the major change is that we moved from a static XHTML site to a dynamic CMS. This will provide us with a better platform to support future expansion.

Basically it’s all very exciting and we can’t wait for your comments: good or bad, they are always welcome!