10 point website healthcheck

If your website is not performing well in search engines, or if you are getting plenty of traffic but this is not converting into business, we can help highlight any issues with the website’s design, navigation, source code and search engine visibility.

Our unique 10 point website diagnostic report will focus on the following areas:

  1. Source code structure
  2. HTML standards compliance
  3. Visual appeal
  4. Navigation and ease of use
  5. Accessibility issues
  6. Keyword and meta data strength
  7. Content quality and effectiveness
  8. Target market appeal
  9. Search engine visibility and backlinks
  10. Advertising and PPC strategy

No matter how well a website is designed and optimised, it is often surprising to see how many issues are brought up under proper scrutiny. Many of these will be fairly basic mistakes and therefore easy to address. If your website is built on a Content Management System (such as WordPress or Joomla) and you are used to updating the pages, you will be able to fix these minor problems yourself by following our advice. Other areas may require the help of your web developers, in which case you can simply forward the report to them and ask them to put things right.

We can also help by carrying out any of the work needed, after providing a free no-obligation quote. At WebRightNow we optimise websites for specific target markets, not just for search engines. After all, it is not enough to get visitors onto a website, what really matters is to keep them there and to generate repeat custom. It’s not search engines that buy your services – it’s people.

Many web companies now offer ‘free’ website analysis packages. These are always aimed at securing people’s business and will therefore tend to exaggerate the weight of their findings, or even bring up non-existent problems. Our website health check provides honest, straightforward advice and it’s not designed for the purpose of selling our services: if there’s nothing wrong with your website, we will happily put green ticks on each one of the 10 points.

We are currently offering this service at just £29. We are confident you will not find a website assessment service of this quality and value anywhere else.

Contact us to order this service. We will get back to you with full details.