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Case study: Wedding websites are fast becoming one of the essential parts of planning a wedding: it’s quite simply the easiest way to provide easy, permanent information about venue, date, times, accommodation, gift list details etc.
It is also the ideal place for displaying those photos that friends and relatives are going to want to see.
Dave and Liz’s website went live a few weeks before the event, and was then updated after the cerimony to include a photo gallery and guestbook.

What we did: Designed and built HTML pages, integrated Flash gallery, Javascript elements and guestbook.

Case study: Anne Duncan is an established practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Empowerment. She had previously designed her own website, then started a Typepad blog which quickly became very active. Having decided she wanted a blog on her own domain, as well as a fresh look for her website, Anne approached us and we suggested a WordPress based website would be the best option.
We started from a basic template which was completely transformed and adapted to her needs. At Anne’s request, We stuck to a “clean and uncluttered” design. We went for a fairly neutral colour scheme which allows the logo to make the “high impact” suggested by its text. We then used the logo’s shade of orange in other key places, to give the pages a dash of colour.

What we did: Installed WordPress blog system, designed new look and customised existing WordPress template to match required look. Configured the various pages and sections, optimised code, migrated content from previous blog.


I asked WebRightNow to build me an integrated web site and blog. They listened to my likes and dislikes, and how I wanted the site to work now and to develop over time. I liked what they came up with and they were happy to make one or two adjustments so as to really tailor it to my needs. They made sure everything was working and that I knew how to update the blog and web pages. They made it a completely painless process and I’m very happy with the end result. I can highly recommend working with WebRightNow.

Anne Duncan
High Impact Habits

Case study: The ladies of the Kirky choir had a very unattractive website and the person in charge of updating it was having a nightmare with it, so they asked us to re-design it from scratch. The news articles were the only thing we were able to salvage.
We decided to install a content management system for easy updating; we made sure that the pages and navigation were clear and accessible; we provided easy instructions for managing every section of the site.

What we did: Designed logo and Flash intro; integrated database-driven content management system including photo gallery, web shop, event calendar and contact form.

Case study: Ugo Macera is a key figure in the history of the Italian police force. A decorated war hero, chief of police in Rome and Sicily, he fought the mafia, captured notorious bandits, and solved some of Italy’s most famous murder cases.
We were commissioned a biographical website to celebrate his life and commit his acts of bravery to history: a task we undertook with the utmost respect and admiration.

What we did: Designed and built HTML pages, Flash intro and background music elements; integrated Flash photo gallery and Javascript elements; at Dr Macera’s request, we produced a DVD showcasing the whole content of the website, allowing him to view it without the use of a computer.

Case study: Fulvio Di Lieto is an Italian author with an impressive body of work including novels, poetry, short stories and magazine articles.
His work has also been recorded on CD by professional actors, so we decided to integrate multimedia into the site. We designed an animated Flash introduction showcasing his publications, created a section of written excerpts and a page of downloadable samples from his audio CDs.
We perform regular maintenance for this site.

What we did: Designed and built HTML pages and Flash intro, integrated Javascript elements, converted and re-mastered audio samples.

We also recently produced a booktrailer for the author’s latest fantasy novel Mater. The English version can be viewed here.

Case study: Marina Sagramora is a successful Italian artist with almost 50 years of experience. Her oil paintings are vibrant and striking, so the site just needed to be a stylish container, without any unnecessary frills; however it was essential to make sure that the virtual gallery was easy to navigate.
There was an extensive photographic record of past exhibitions, which needed to be organised and presented, as well as a section for book covers.

What we did: Designed and built HTML pages and Flash intro.

Case study: Updating this Italian magazine’s online presence has been one of our ongoing committments since 1997. Originally completely HTML-based, it is now made up of a combination of HTML and Acrobat files (every monthly issue is free to download).

What we did: Designed logo, designed and built several versions of the site over the years.

What we do: Update the site on a monthly basis, provide HTML version of front page and other sections, convert articles to PDF (Acrobat) format for downloading.

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